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Rebounding: The Fountain of Youth?

Jump for joy and let gravity do half your workout for you when you're rebounding!

Rebounding, when made a regular part of your life could be a game changer for your entire future. Rebounding is two times more efficient than a treadmill, strengthens every muscle, joint, and cell in the body, improves circulation, respiration, and digestion, and is fun!Rebounding takes advantage of the force of gravity and the principle of acceleration-deceleration. When you are at the bottom of a bounce, every cell in the body is under as much as four times gravity or (4 Gs) and then at the top of the bounce, you are basically weightless. So within a 1–2 second time frame the body goes from 4Gs to 0 Gs over and over again. As an example, a jumping jack on the rebounder combines the effect of the jumping jack multiplied by the acceleration-deceleration factor.rebounder_exercise_woman_health_shape_picTo maximize the benefit, rebounding exercises should be performed a minimum of 3X per week for at least 20 minutes, which will also help cleanse the lymphatic system, and boost your immunity. To get in overall great condition, you could rebound 5–6X per week for 40 minutes. The harder you jump the more it strengthens and tones. The longer you jump the greater the aerobic effect. Bouncing in a sitting position can give you those six-pack abs you’re looking for, and fitted with a stabilizing bar is even suitable for people with some disabilities. And talk about convenience, this could all be done at midnight wearing your old underwear while watching your favorite TV program. You can let that expensive gym membership lapse.Noted exercise expert, James White PhD., stated that, “Rebounding is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that science has found”. So what are you waiting for? Get jumping!Read more about the awesome that is the rebounder!

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