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Do You Really Understand Cancer?

Everyone’s heard of or experienced cancer in some way. Overwhelmed, afraid, sick, defeated, hopeless, mad—these are probably the feelings experienced when given this diagnosis. Sometimes, the more you know about a subject, the more comfortable you are with that subject. Unfortunately, conventional medicine doesn’t do a very good job of providing us light at the beginning or end of the tunnel when it comes to truly understanding why our bodies are screaming for help! So let’s see if we can bring some sunshine to what seems a very dark place, and define cancer.

cancer_news_headlines_paper_article_picAsk your Oncologist or other orthodox physician what cancer is, and most will fail miserably in answering you. This seemingly never-ending war on cancer has been going on far too long for orthodox medicine to not agree on what it is! Wouldn't this be the first step in the right direction? I can tell you with no hesitation that the physicians and researchers of advanced medicine (alternative and nutritional therapies) have much better answers, make a lot more sense, and have a higher cure rate.

Let's explain conventional medicine’s approach to cancer in a way that even a ten year old can understand. This scenario comes from Dr. Rashid Buttar in “The Truth About Cancer” series. We are all pretty familiar with cars right? Let's pretend your car's check engine light is flashing so you take it to a mechanic. He says, “Sure I can fix it.” He proceeds to pull the fuse out and says, “Okay your problem is solved.” Of course, we'd all fire the mechanic. So why wouldn't you fire physicians who are doing the same thing with your life? We all know that the mechanic only removed the symptom and not the problem. Same thing happens when you get a lump and the physician cuts it off and implies that you are cancer free. Why do they still suggest you have chemo and radiation if you're cancer free? The lump was the symptom not the problem.

Advanced medicine's success with treating cancer encourages their belief that it isn't caused by something, but instead by the lack of something, says Dr. G. Edward Griffin. Most people are toxic, acidic, and nutrient deficient. burgers_fries_unhealthy_diet_sickness_picUntil we detoxify, alkalize, and supply our body with the tools nature has given us, we will remain sick and closer to the development of cancer as well as other diseases. As Dr. Veronique Desaulniers puts it, “People don't get sick because they have cancer. They're already sick and then they develop cancer.”

We all have heard by now that cancer cells are developing in all of us all the time. Fortunately, a strong immune system usually kills the cancel cells promptly. Unfortunately, a compromised or weak immune system turns off our regulator built to shut off the growth and this allows our cells to grow out of control. Your organs all grow to a certain size and then magically stay that size. The Standard American Diet, along with environmental toxins and lack of exercise and sleep, can make our regulators malfunction. Cells then grow exponentially, causing lumps and polyps. These are symptoms of cancer, red flags that our body is in a state of emergency. We then believe that the reason the regulators stopped working is the cancer.

The truth is cancer, our number one killer, used to be exceptionally rare. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby tells us that cancer is not native to humans. It is virtually non-existent in early aboriginal societies. Modern man has created this disease. Cancer is you gone wrong. You can restore your health by giving your body the tools to heal itself. Cancer was one in 33 in the 1900s, the 10th cause of death in children in 1926, one of the highest causes of death in children today, and it's estimated that one in two men and one in three women will develop and die of cancer, if humans continue to eat the Standard American Diet and live by the current hands and recommendations of orthodox medicine.

veggies_fruit_colorful_picThe sunny side: advanced medicine knows of many therapies that can help your body restore its health, making the cancer retreat. Cancer cells can be killed and reverted back to healthy cells. We can lower our risk, if we choose a truly healthy lifestyle, by 90%! So why isn’t this the first discussion your physician has with you? Almost all physicians are uneducated about nutrition. Plus, orthodox medicine is driven by profits, patentable drugs, and treatments, whereas advanced medicine is driven by natural foods that have proven throughout time their effectiveness. And at the very least you’ll always know that natural foods won’t have unpleasant or dangerous side effects!

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