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Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Smoothie!

Life is short. Drink dessert first. That’s right! Drink. This chocolate chip cookie dough smoothie satisfies your sweet tooth without making you scowl at your scale.

The best part of adopting a plant-based diet is that your cravings can be so easily satisfied with foods that are both delicious and nutritious. This raw vegan chocolate chip cookie dough smoothie is packed with protein, fills you up, and supports your body’s health. No more binging on sweets made with ingredients that weigh you down – It’s not necessary when you can enjoy a chocolaty dessert-like vegan shake!

After having kids, my body was stuck with toxic bloat and excess weight that I was able to shed by transitioning to a raw vegan diet. Now at my ideal weight, I lead a very active lifestyle lifting weights, running, doing Pilates, and hiking just to name a few of my favorite activities. Many years into my raw vegan lifestyle, I have begun to enjoy the benefits of adding a high-quality raw protein into my diet that is easy to assimilate and digest. I find that a little added protein boost helps me recover from workouts somewhat faster and also helps me with muscle gains.

In addition to health benefits, one of the fun perks of Sunwarrior protein powders is that they are truly delicious. You’ll find that smoothies made with them taste a lot like milkshakes, yet you’ll have none of the health pitfalls that dairy products can bring. Sunwarrior protein also blends well, making it the perfect addition to your smoothies without the graininess that some protein powders can have.

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