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Quinoa Black Bean Burrito Bowls

Your family called. They want to know what’s for dinner. Luckily, we have the answer: quinoa black bean burrito bowls! You’re welcome!

Quinoa has been deemed a superfood because of its dense nutrients. It can be made savory or sweet. I, personally, have only had it savory, and it’s delicious! This savory Quinoa black bean burrito bowl recipe is no exception. Burrito bowls are extremely tasty. No waiting for burritos to bake and no need for a tortilla either. Just throw it all in a bowl and serve.

This recipe is quite easy. The most time-consuming ingredient to prepare is the quinoa. When cooking quinoa, I have found cooking it in a rice cooker makes it even easier. No need to worry about the flame or temperature of the stove.

Quinoa and black beans are chock full of nutrients including manganese, folate, and fiber. The vegetables added into the burrito bowl give it a good balance for a healthy meal.

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