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Push-Up Side Plank Kettlebell Workout


Fitness Trainer Tim McComsey gives us a great exercise to work the chest, shoulders, triceps, and obliques.

With kettlebells on the floor, shoulder width apart, get into push-up position with legs slightly farther apart than you would with the normal exercise. Perform a push-up by allowing the elbows to flex. As you descend, keep your body straight. Do one push-up and as you come up shift your weight to the left side of the body and twist to the side while bringing the right arm (holding the kettlebell) up toward the ceiling in a side plank.

Lower the arm back to the floor for another pushup and then twist to the other side. Repeat the series, alternating each side, for 10 or more reps. Give this exercise a try, and maybe you can get rid of that Spongebob Squarepants midsection!


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