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Pre-Gym Leg Exercises | Lower Body Workout

Before you go to the gym, get some pre workout done in the privacy of your own home so you can grow your confidence and your leg muscles at the same time!

Fitness trainer and dietician Tim McComsey shares a lower body workout that can be done in your office or at home, so you can have all the privacy you need to get more confident before you go into the gym. Follow along with Tim as he shows you four exercises designed to keep your legs and glutes in check as well as increase your metabolism and heart rate.

Begin by doing some traditional squats then move directly into split squats. Move onto the sumo squat, and finish up with lateral lunges. Take a short break, then do it all over again 3 or 4 more times, depending on your fitness level. Now go burn those calories while you get stronger and more self-confident.

Make certain you don't neglect your calves!"

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