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The Power of Grounding

If you’ve been involved in the alternative health and natural foods movement over recent years, you may have come across the term “grounding” or “earthing.” It makes sense to most of us that food grown from the earth is the best food for us. This is usually an unquestioned fact. What eludes many people is that same earth contains healing abilities that are not necessarily all donated to the food we eat. The life-giving nutrients of the earth are more than just microbes and minerals. There are actually far superior forms of electrical nutrition that supplement our nerve conductions, brain activity, cardiovascular system, cortisol balance, and adrenal/kidney meridians.


Research shows that the act of daily grounding on natural earth surfaces, such as grass, dirt, sand, water, and certain stone formations, can provide profound benefits to the body. You may have noticed that when you are tense, aggressive, or uneasy, simply going to the park or beach instantly calms your nerves. You may also have noticed that when you get off a long plane flight to a tropical location you are guided to the beach. When you get to that beach you may also have noticed that you instantly fall asleep when you lay on the sand. The natural surface of the earth can act like a reboot to our entire physiological system.

The benefits of grounding can include decreasing coagulated(thick) blood, neurological imbalance, and mood disorders. The benefits can be achieved by connecting ourselves to the earth and using grounding devices while we are in our households. I encourage each reader to explore their own research in this extremely important and fascinating subject.

Please consider this excerpt from my book The Life Food Peak Performance System:

“One of the great discoveries in the healing field is that the surface of the earth concentrates negatively charged ions and by simply removing our shoes those ions become available to us. One of the most unquestioned assumptions in our culture, aside from cooking food, is that we need shoes for arch support and they are somehow benefiting our lives. This assumption has been overturned many times over. It appears that the greatest antioxidant is actually a bare skin connection to the electric grid of mother earth. There is a deep metaphor here, when we touch the skin of our biological mother healing increases and when we touch the skin of our planetary mother healing increases.”

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