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Pilates 100s Exercises to Strengthen Your Core


Tim McComsey, owner of TRyM Fitness in Dallas, puts his own TRyM spin on the Pilates 100s exercise. He'll have you do two exercises in quick succession. Start by lying flat on your back on the mat with your legs up at a 45 degree angle, toes pointed out and flexed. Squeeze your abs as you aim your upper body toward the ceiling, keeping your neck aligned with your spine. Hold your arms out next to your body and pulse them up and down for 5 cycles of 5 pulses each inhale and 5 pulses each exhale. Move straight into 15 reps of scissor kicks. This will have your abs burning in no time to tone and strengthen your core. This is a great way to warm up before any workout, or as a toning exercise all by itself for your less intense days.

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