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The Philosophy of Detoxification

Feeling weighed down or slow to start? You might be in need of detoxification: that cleansing practice that breaks down the build up of life.

detox_woman_apple_vegetables_juices_picPerhaps the greatest body of knowledge to arise from the previous 150 years of raw food literature is that of cleansing practices. There are an endless supply of diets, but very few are effective simply because a diet is not what most people need. Most individuals require a complete metabolic reset.

The virtues of a living food lifestyle become awakened within an individual who practices cleansing as a way of life, not simply as a pit stop towards good health. As someone adopts more organic living plant foods into their diet, something astonishing happens that no other diet is capable of providing. Numbed-out flavor receptors begin to activate, digestive sensitivity begins to surface, blood sugar normalizes, energy levels stabilize, and one’s food experience begins to come alive.

Due to the last 10,000 years of agriculture, the natural instincts of our ancestors have been suppressed within each of us. This is why one can eat 3,000 calorie meals and still feel hungry. The food instincts of our species have been dulled to the point of dietary passivity. When we engage in natural eating habits we gain control of our behavior. No longer the slave to hypoglycemic impulses that weigh down the wellspring of genius that exists in each being on the planet.

The art of detoxification is just that, it’s an art form open to interpretation and personal experimentation. The philosophy of detoxification is to engage with cleansing strategies with patience, long term vision, and a wide open heart. It took you your entire life to get to where you are; therefore, it will take a bit of time to get to where you want to be. Over our lifetime we have placed layers upon layers of hardened materials into our bodies which creates hardened and leathery tissues. There is a step by step process required in order to break down the crystal deposits and release them from the body’s elimination portals. Simply adding in more green leafy raw vegetation, green juices, green powdered super foods, herbs, higher quality water, and water rich fruits, we increase the cleansing process. Eventually the toxic load is released through the process of diffusion where toxins stored in one area of higher concentrated are mobilized into an area of lesser concentration and eventually circulated out of the body.

woman_blender_smoothie_calm_drinking_picThe core of detoxification philosophy is that the more beneficial options you add in, the more non-beneficial options remove themselves by default. Of course there is a tremendous degree of details and strategy to effective detoxification. At times, you will find yourself wanting to simply eliminate all forms of food and adjust to liquid nutrition for a time. Allow yourself room to roam and experiment with your intuition. Detoxification is not simply a destination you arrive at or something you achieve; it’s a way of life. We are constantly removing and transmuting outdated residues of our old lives and evolving into our upgraded model. Be gentle, be conscious, and be consistent.

Enjoy this excerpt from my new book The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program:

“If one wishes with all their heart to live the life of their dreams tomorrow they must first release the dirty residue of yesterday today. The key principle of transformation is beginning from the inside out.

The outer world is an identical mirror to the inner world. If one is living with congested thoughts, they will often live in a congested environment. This concept is not only about our mental environment, it is also about our inner-echo system. If the veins, arteries, capillaries, and intestinal tubing structure of the body is cemented up with waste materials, not only will we experience a lack of flow in our life, we will accelerate the aging process each day of our lives.

Detoxification is the process of stripping away everything that weighs us down in our lives. The master sculpture does not continuously add layers of clay to their art. They remove each layer strip by strip until the authentic masterpiece is finally revealed. You are a masterpiece in progress being revealed to the world. “

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