Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Kick sickness to the curb with this awesome orange creamsicle smoothie full of immune boosters to keep you in top form.

Orange Smoothie

Entertaining, hyper-energized, and an expert when it comes to health and nutrition, from Party in my Plants, is here to update your desserts in the sickest way! We’re using “sick” in a good way, not in the stay-at-home-sick kind of way. And, if you are home sick, this smoothie will cheer you up, but it can also help you get better too. This orange cream”sick”el (get it?) smoothie is a delicious addition to any day, but it may do even more for you when you’re feeling ill, because it’s full of immune boosters.

We’re talking about oranges, ginger, coconut water, bananas, turmeric, and Sunwarrior vanilla protein. All cashew butter for some extra creaminess, protein, and healthy fats. These all add up to more vitamin C, hydration help, electrolytes, anti-inflammatories, immune boosters, and the cellular strength you need to feel your best and get back to a hundred percent fast. The taste doesn’t hurt either. That creamy citrus comfort will bring you up when you’re feeling down and sniffly. It always helps when your medicine, aka food in this case, is delicious. Let’s get to blending and speed you to wellness already!



Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

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Add all those superfoods above to your blender and blend your way, literally, to better health. Sip it in your bathtub or surrounded by blankets to stay warm. If you’re not sick, this smoothie tastes so good, you’ll almost wish you were. Enjoy your deliciousness and we hope you feel well soon!

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