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Nick Stern: A Sunwarrior on a Rainbow Mission

nick_stern_a_sunwarrior_imageMandy Peterson - Bellesprit

For our April edition, we wanted to deliver a feature cover story that would honor our national Earth Day. Who better to feature than a man who is passionate about achieving what other earth-friendly individuals may feel they can only dream about: building a sustainable community. His name is Nick Stern.

I admit that walking into the interview I did not really know much about Nick. All I really knew were two facts:

  • he is the co-founder of a nutritional company called “Sunwarrior”
  • he has an interest in starting a sustainable community

I had no idea that I would feel so uplifted and inspired by Nick’s philanthropic and unity-minded philosophy of life, as well as his passionate mission to improve the health and vitality of individuals and the planet. It is so refreshing within this age of consumerism to encounter an individual who can be the force behind one of the fastest growing nutritional companies, and yet still be so humble and motivated toward serving a greater good. He is not simply a man of nice words or good intentions, but someone who knows how to translate those intentions into actions.

Check out the rest of this article featuring Nick on the online magazine Bellesprit

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