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New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Should Start NOW

Don’t wait for a date on a calendar to give you permission to get in shape. Fitness resolutions for looking and feeling good can start today!

new year resolution_goal_achieving_man_jump_picI've worked in a gym for eight years either as a front desk employee, personal trainer, sports nutritionist, or a group fitness instructor. Every year on January 1st, the gym becomes flooded with new members with New Year's resolutions and hopes of getting into shape, losing weight, and getting toned.

This is not a bad thing! However, at the end of February or beginning of March, the gym dwindles down once again. Those New Year's Resolutions fade away as life and other priorities get in the way before those gym sessions become part of your routine or habit.

New Year's Resolutions are great if you stick to them. But resolutions can start any time of the year. Why wait until December 31 to make them?

Make health and fitness a part of your life. It takes twenty-one days to make something a habit. Start with dedicating 30 minutes of going to the gym a few days a week. I know, everyone is always busy, but you can make time for just 30 minutes if you really want to. It's as simple as waking up earlier or going in the evening. After three weeks, it should be a little easier to make the time to exercise if you make it a habit. Set a time and schedule when you're going to go to the gym, and stick to it!

I teach a functional training class at my gym, and this routine I’m sharing here is the same one I put the class through today. There is a large variety of people who come to my class, both female and male age ranging from 27 to 82 years old. It's a challenging, full body routine that ANYBODY can do, yes, even you! I just recommend starting at your own pace and modifying any exercises as needed.

Start today.

Here is a full body workout to try out this Christmas season:

Set up 12 stations and go through the circuit 3 full times. Complete 1 minute at each station. I have also included a short description with each circuit to show you exactly what to do. If you're confused, you can look up the exercise online and watch a video of it being demonstrated. Warming up, completing the circuit, and cooling down will last one hour. This circuit routine is easy to go through, and if you only have 30 minutes, you can still warm up, complete 1 full round of the routine, and cool down.

Warm up: 10 min (walking, running, biking, elliptical)

man_woman_elliptical_working out_gyn_healthy_fitness_picStart workout.

1) Mountain Climbers

Hands on ground or 6 inch step with toes touching the ground, then drive knees towards chest at a fast pace, keep core tight.

2) Plank with Hip Toss

Get into a plank position either on your hands or elbows, toes on ground (you can do it on your knees to modify). Then toss your hips back and forth.

3) Kettle Bell Wide Squat with Upright Row

Grab a kettle bell, get into a wide stance squat position, feet pointed out, hold kettle bell, squat down then bring kettle bell up towards chin, point elbows up, then repeat.

4) Split Lunges on Step with Bicep Curls

Grab a 6 inch step and dumbbells. Stand in front of the step, put back foot on step. Go into a lunge position and lunge down and do Bicep curls with the Dumbbells. Once you reach 30 seconds, switch the leg positions.

5) Speed Skaters

This is similar to ice skating or skate skiing. Stand on one leg, squat down a little, push off with that leg and land on the other leg. Once you land on the other leg, squat down slightly, explode with that leg to push you off to the other leg.

6) One-Leg Step Ups with Medicine Ball Shoulder Press

medicine ball_Kettle bell_ropes_picFind a box or bench that is at least 15 to 24 inches tall. Grab a medicine ball (8-20lb) and put one leg up on the box, use that leg to push up to bring the other leg up to the box, when both legs are on the box, press the medicine ball over your head to stimulate a shoulder press. Step down with the opposite leg, while keeping that other hand on the box. Once it's halfway through the minute, switch to the other leg.

7) Jump Rope

Grab a jump rope and jump! Great cardio exercise. Get your heart rate up!

8) TRX Tricep extension

Grab a TRX, bring the handles up to shoulder height, keep feet just a few inches apart, elbows in, lean forward, keep core tight and extend the forearms, working the triceps. Extend the forearms back and forth.

9) Russian Twists with Vipr or Medicine Ball

Find a Vipr or Medicine Ball, sit on a mat, bend your knees, and rotate the Vipr or medicine ball from each side working your obliques (side of your core).

10) Decline or Incline Push-ups

Find a bench. Decline push up-- If you can do full push-ups on your feet, then this will be a great challenge! Put your feet on the bench, then hands on ground. Then perform push-ups.

Incline pushups-- A modified push up to make it a little easier. Put your hands on the bench with your feet on the ground. Then perform the push-ups!

11) Incline Row with Barbell

barbell_weights_gym_working out_picFind a squat rack with a barbell. Put the barbell just below shoulder height. Bring your feet under the bar and bring your chest to the bar in a rowing action.

12) Lunge Jumps

Get into a lunge position, propel, jump up, and switch into bringing the other leg forward.

Cool down: 5–10 minutes, either walking, running, biking, or elliptical. Then stretch quads, hamstrings, triceps, calves, and shoulders.

Don't make excuses, get results! Remember, YOU CAN DO IT!

What's stopping you from making those resolutions? Start today!

But if you’re holding out for the New Year, check out some great resolutions to make!

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