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Natural Makeup Remover

Marzia Prince shares her favorite natural makeup remover.

Join health and fitness expert, aka Healthinista, Marzia Prince as she discusses the removal of your makeup in an eco-friendly, natural, clean, good for your skin kind of way.

marzia_prince_coconut_oil_makeup_remover_picIf you’ve been following her for a while, you know she likes her beauty regimens to be as natural and chemical free as possible. You may also know she loves her coconut oil. There are a million used for this healthy fat superfood, but for convenience' sake we condensed it for you in 50 of the Best Uses for Coconut Oil.

Marzia uses it for lotion, for her hair, in smoothies, to decrease inflammation topically, and so much more. It also helps makeup slide right off, even on the sensitive skin around your eyes. You don't have to suffer those harmful chemicals around the delicate skin of your eyes any longer. Clean, natural skin is the order of the hour. Coconut oil is organic, cruelty free, and very good for the skin you are cleaning too. Enjoy!

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