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Mind Your Guts: Colon Cleanse

A colon cleanse can lower blood pressure and be better for your skin and for your emotional and physical health!

woman_yoga_pose_peace_calm_serenity_picThis post will involve talking about your colon, poop, excretion, and emotions. These may seem like uncomfortable topics, but their importance is too high to ignore. If you’re ready, let’s get the colon rolling! Just kidding. But no, seriously!

We all undergo a bunch of emotions; happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, and more. Do these emotions merely affect our brains and nothing else? Some people get rashes, hives, palpitations, and shaky hands. These are all signs that emotions do affect your body and mind, but the most important connection is the one, which Mr. Gut and Mr. Brain hold. When I talk about your gut, I am talking about your colon.

Your colon is a great reflection of your mind. Have you ever heard of the saying Butterflies in my stomach? It’s the nauseated, fluttery feeling when you get anxious or when you are really emotional. And at such emotional times you tend to poop more. There! I said it, poop. All these sayings and feelings are indicating the relationship of gut-mind.

Gut is surrounded by a billion neurons and cells, which receive and send signals to your brain. When you’re upset, it’s said the tummy turns blue. Anger makes it more pink; I assume the pink tinge is due to blood rush. But such color changes sound like nature’s mood ring, doesn’t it?

People go to therapy, go for a run, or do other activities when they are depressed or anxious. Little do they know that cleansing the colon can not only give you better health, better skin, and a better chance at no colon cancer, but it can also elevate your mood, change emotions, and change the way you perceive things.

But what does all this mean? Nothing crazy at all: eat clean and cleanse your colon.

Method 1

Enema: You can do this at home, using a hot bag (can find it in any medical / health store). You can use lukewarm water, coffee, and other herbal waters, and even medicated oil for this purpose. Use it at your own time and comfort level. Best done first thing in the morning. You can do about 3–5 rounds depending on your needs.

Method 2

stomach_gut_lying down_relax_rest_jeans_girl_picColonics: This is where you visit a colon hydro therapist, where he or she has a machine which allows water to go into your colon and releases simultaneously.

I suggest colonics only for people who don’t have time to do an enema or have a big disease to deal with, or other discomforting factors. Colonics start at $80 a session and can go up depending on your location. If you are ok with the cost, then find someone who uses sanitized machines and who knows what they are doing.

Why might a colon cleanse help you:
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, or fear
  • Reduce acne breakouts, or to eliminate other skin issues
  • Minimize the chances of cancer
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Elevate good mood
  • Relieve back pain or sore muscles
  • Eliminate a headache, cold, sinus
  • To get rid of mucus in colon or congested colon
  • Relieve indigestion, bloating, or gas

Anyone and everyone who aim for a clean and natural lifestyle should consider what a colon cleanse can do for them. And they should always remember that diet is important to a colon cleanse process. Make sure to be eating clean to flush your entire system.

Cleanse your colon through the detoxification process!

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