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Marzia Prince's Daily Diet: Breakfast | Part 1/4

Marzia is in her kitchen again and inviting you in to learn her breakfast secrets.

That’s Marzia Prince, fitness trainer and health expert, aka the Healthinista, if you weren’t sure. She’s ready to brighten your mornings with her daily diet, focusing on breakfasts today.

Daily diet Breakfast_Marzia Prince_pic_1She starts her day with water. Hydration matters. She’ll drink three to four cups of water to get all her systems up and moving right away and boost metabolism. It also helps you not overeat. At night, your body cleans up all the damage you do during the day, and that takes water, so you wake up dehydrated. Always hydrate first thing. Make it fun with lemon, ginger, cucumber, or even berries.

Marzia then drinks a green juice to sneak in vegetables and boost her natural energy with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes.

If she feels like something sweeter, she will make a smoothie with sweet, but low calorie berries and kiwi fruit with the protein power of Sunwarrior’s Warrior Blend. Protein helps the body burn calories, daily diet_breakfast_build collagen, and maintain muscle. For healthy fats, she’ll add chia seeds or coconut oil to that smoothie too. She may hide some spinach in that smoothie while she’s at it.

If she’s craving a hot, denser breakfast, Marzia reaches for quinoa. She’ll add apple chunks and cinnamon to her quinoa. It is delicious and healthy. In a hurry? Grab a couple bananas or fruit instead. Mix it up.

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