So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince

Marzia Prince

marziaInternational fitness supermodel Marzia Prince is a top celebrity trainer, fitness expert, life coach, the 2007 Ms. Bikini Universe, IFBB Bikini Pro, creator of the Healthy Housewives, and a published writer. She is one of the original pioneers who brought the fitness bikini body type to the bodybuilding world. Being an athlete and fitness model has helped Marzia taker her fitness to the next level. She has graced several fitness and bodybuilding covers that include Fitness Magazine, Natural Muscle Magazine, Iron Man Magazine, Muscular Development Magazine, Planet Muscle Magazine, and many more. She has a monthly eco-friendly GO GREEN column Natural Muscle Magazine and is a vegan nutrition blogger for FitnessRX women.

Marzia claims fitness saved her life. “After getting my health in check, I knew that this is what I was meant to do.” While going to college for registered nursing, she changed her degree to health and fitness. She is a Cooper Institute certified trainer. She holds many certifications including pre/postnatal, geriatrics, nutrition, bio-mechanics in resistance training, and life coaching. She has her own personal training business specializing in training women. She trains pageant title holders, bikini fitness competitors, and housewives. She educates women how to eat, workout, and balance their busy lives.

The fitness and wellness lifestyle is Marzia Prince’s passion. She thoroughly enjoys spreading the word of holistic health to the world. "There is a lot more that goes into training than eating the right foods and taking supplements. There is goal setting, motivation, determination, and maintenance. Fitness is not a look, it is a lifestyle. You have to enjoy the journey to reap the full benefits of where your body is at right now. I love helping people achieve their optimum mind and body."

Areas of Specialization

Women’s fitness

Pageant training

NPC/IFBB competition training

Fitness & Bodybuilding

Posing and walking for competitions


Weight Loss

Muscle building

Overall Health

Vegan/Vegetarian/Raw Foodist

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