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July Fun Smoothie Bowl

Get your Yankee Doodle on with this red, white, and blue smoothie bowl just in time for your July festivities!

July fourth is almost here and we are celebrating America’s Independence Day with something cold, sweet, and healthy. Yep. Healthy. It is no real surprise that the strawberry is shaped like your heart as the benefits the strawberry offers your heart are numerous with the fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins your body needs. The blueberry is an excellent companion with even more fiber, antioxidants and rocking the vitamin C as if it’s gunning for the orange’s job.

And we’re doing your muscles an extra favor by including a special treat just for them: protein. As you work out, your muscles require an extra boost to do what they do best, and Sunwarrior’s protein hits the perfect spot of adding creamy smooth flavor to your smoothie and adding the extra mile to your work out. We put it in a bowl because a smoothie this good cannot be limited to a simple glass.

So this Independence Day, liberate yourself from disease and the aging effects of free radicals with this vitamin rich smoothie that tastes as great as it will make you feel! We celebrate our holidays with healthy snacks because healthy is how you get more days to celebrate!

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