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Is your protein Denatured?

The prestigious Max Planck Institute for Nutritional Research in Germany has done extensive research on the effects of cooking protein. They have evidence that when cooked at the temperatures which the average person cooks with, approximately half of the protein becomes denatured and therefore not useable by the cells of the body. In other words, about half the amino acids, the building blocks of protein, become unusable by the body because they are destroyed by the heat involved in cooking. Denatured protein is a waste product that needs to be excreted.

Denatured protein can also have damaging effects on the human body. After years of consumption, denatured protein can clog the system, depleting the cells of oxygen and nutrients and create an acidic environment in the body, a condition that eventually leads to many degenerative diseases.

I have been studying nutrition since 1993 and as a former health food store owner, I know the different types of protein powders available on the market today. Almost all of them are heavily processed at high temperatures and are approximately 50% denatured. Sunwarrior is one of the few companies that provides a superior, high quality alternative without denatured protein.

Raw superfood protein has many useful applications. It is not just for athletes who wish to gain more muscle. Raw protein powder makes a great meal replacement when mixed with fruit or greens in a smoothie. Adding the protein satisfies hunger much longer and helps those who wish to cut back on calories by eating less lose weight. I use Sunwarrior protein to ensure that I am getting the full array of essential amino acids and also so that I can go for longer periods of time between meals without becoming hungry.

Poor digestion and absorption is often an issue for people trying to get healthy. Sunwarrior both sprouts and ferments their whole grain brown rice protein. Sprouting is known to increase the nutritional profile dramatically, and fermenting is known to increase the absorption rate, making Sunwarrior the most digestible and absorbable superfood protein available.

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