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Illness Can Be a Faint Memory

Bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms surround us. We are constantly exposed to trillions of microscopic invaders who are willing and ready to set up residence in our bodies. So why is it that some of us catch the cold or flu while someone else living in the same household manage toforget_about_illness_pic keep those aggressive little minions at bay? When your body is healthy, disease producing bacteria can’t penetrate your defenses.

Not all the microbes that surround us or use us like real estate are bad. There are some bacteria that are actually really good for you. These produce enzymes that help break down food or help in essential chemical processes. Many of these beneficial little bacteria help us keep the bad ones under control too.

If we eat improperly or undergo stress, our resistance can be lowered, opening us up to invasion. Germs don’t affect our health unless they are able to penetrate a large number of our cells, and normally they don’t get too far. Once the body’s vitality and resistance have been lowered, we become susceptible to the hordes of microbes that want in. Accidents, injury, poor diet, excessive fatigue, and stress all lower the body’s ability to resist disease, and allow invaders in to set up house and start redecorating.

The best way to avoid getting an infection is to make sure your cells are healthy, strong, and vital. Killing off bacteria and germs in your home, workplace, and on your body isn’t the answer. They are everywhere and, once again, many are good for you. The answer is healthy cells.

illness_can_be_a_faint_memory_imageWhat you eat, how much you rest, the attitude you carry with you, the stress in your life all affect the health of your cells and their ability to stand strong and impenetrable. If we eat foods that are acidic, clogging, lacking in vitamins and minerals, or full of toxins then we are creating the perfect conditions for invaders to thrive.

Who would have guessed that a negative attitude would knock out your immune system? Or stress at work might result in a cold? Or that the fast food lunch breaks we take can lead to the flu or worse? Getting a proper diet rich in fresh fruits and organic vegetables, sufficient sleep, and regular exercise all play important roles in keeping our cells healthy enough to push back the invaders. We live or die on a cellular level, and this is where the battles for our health are waged and won. Remember that germs are not the cause alone, but our low resistance is.

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