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Help for Specific Conditions

Heart and Lungs: Heart and lung problems improve by eating a diet rich in minerals and drinking plenty of pure water. Daily exercise is also necessary. Exercise distributes these mighty minerals throughout the blood stream where the oxygen and mineral-rich blood bathes each cell, helping your organs to thrive and grow stronger.

running_couple_older_fitness_nature_health_picBuilding Muscles: Did you know that your muscles can starve through lack of exercise? Muscles are nourished by thousands of miles of capillaries that transport nutrients and carry away waste. When you live a sedentary life, your capillaries can actually collapse. Fortunately, they can be opened up again through exercise so they can bring nutrients back to your muscles.

Contracting one of your muscles for 6 to 10 seconds will help that muscle to grow. It may seem vain to flex in front of the mirror, but in reality it helps your muscle growth. Start by contracting your calf muscles, then work up your thighs to your buttocks, stomach, back or lats, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and neck. Also eat a healthy diet rich in minerals and you will have stronger muscles.

Hair: More and more men and women nationwide are going bald due to poor diets that are lacking essential minerals. A nice, full head of hair makes you look young, virile, and attractive. You have tiny organs and glands in your scalp that grow hair, and minerals nourish these so your hair doesn’t fall out too early. Minerals, such as iodine and iron, help your hair grow full and luxurious.

Immune System: Fresh air is essential to building your immune system. Working out in the gym is great, but the air quality is not optimum in most gyms. They tend to be stuffy, or their rubberized flooring fills the room with toxic, unfit air. Being outdoors can transform your life.

The answer lies in nature. It is where fresh oxygen is being produced.

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