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Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids and Adults!


Boo! Halloween is right around the corner, and that means lots of sugar, processed sweets, and artificial sweeteners galore for kids (and adults with a sweet tooth) nationwide. Have no fear! Halloween doesn’t have to be such a scary time of year. There are so many healthy snacks to have fun with and share with the kids. These are just a small handful of my favorite creative healthy snacks that can be made for your candy eating princesses and goblins!

For some fun ways to get the whole family into the Halloween festivities without the sugar crash, check out these not so spooky snacks that’ll be a blast to make and eat!

For parents who like to express their artistic talent, and fill their children with nutritional goodness, these snacks won’t let you down. Look at the Frankenpeppers, Spooky Serpent Swamp, and Wicked Cool Olive Owls by Lisa Leconte of Vegetarian Times. Make them all or pick your favorite!


These Frankenpeppers can have their brains devoured, and the peppers saved as another snack for later.

The Spooky Serpent Swamp is a fun way to sneak in some leafy greens into your kid’s snack. Use Follow-Your-Heart cheese to make the serpent a vegan friendly monster.


I’m in love with the Wicked Cool Olive Owls. If you have kids with taste buds for olives, this treat will surely satisfy.

Looking to display a snack that doesn’t require as much time or skill? Perhaps a fun fruit bowl is perfect for you! Grab a large orange bowl and create this Jack-o’-Lantern from Wholesome Dinner Tonight. Use fruits or vegetables that you know your kids love!

Want something transportable or easy to pack for school lunches? This is a cute idea and fun project that the whole family can do together. Under Construction has a clever way of making oranges into adorable little pumpkins!


I absolutely love this idea from Blue Skies Ahead. If you can peel an orange, this snack will be a breeze to prepare, and make you look like a creative genius.

Let’s take a break from the many orange pumpkin ideas to choose from. What about something the kids can eat with their dinner? Make a Halloween Graveyard Salad from Forks and Beans!

Here’s a simple and yummy treat: frozen Boo-nana Pops from Skinny Taste. You can substitute the white chocolate with non-dairy yogurt to make it healthier for the little ones. Not into yogurt? Not so sure about the popsicle stick? Leave out the yogurt and just cut the bananas in half and place on a plate like Decorating by Day does with their banana ghosts.

Have little ones that are obsessed with the book series Twilight? Make some Vampire Bites from Fork and Beans.


Fork and Beans’ Creepy Crudites Platter is just that—creepy, but oh so good for you!

The Guacamole Halloween Bats snack by Fork and Beans is a must! So easy, cute, and tasty!

If your kids love figs, these Vegan Fig Witches from Forks and Beans will be a hit!

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