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Healthy Alternatives to Butter!

Butter: You really don’t need it, not with these healthy alternatives to butter!

Welcome warriors to another fantastic minute with Marzia Prince: Healthinista to the world. She’s in the kitchen this time with tips on the healthiest alternatives to butter. So let’s style your taste buds with these two organic, plant-based options.

Avocado is the first. This fruit is full of healthy fats and it has a rich, buttery flavor and texture. Great for your hair, skin, nails, and more. You can also eat it daily without worry. Spread it, whip it, add it to recipes, that avocado is far more versatile than you would ever imagine. You can even make chocolate icing with it. In the past, avocado was looked down on because of its high fat content, but there is a definite difference between unhealthy fats and unhealthy fats. Avocado is a healthy fat and actually lowers cholesterol. The super power of avocados to lower cholesterol comes from the fact that they are high in beta-sitosterol. Another awesome fact about avocado is it is high in folate which means it is your heart’s best friend! Studies show that people who have high folate diets are far less likely to suffer from heart disease. Avocados are also a store house for the awesome vitamin E.

The second option is coconut oil. Like avocado, coconuts are loaded with healthy fats! The healthy fats in coconut oil give a boost to energy and act as anti-inflammatories too. It is meltable, spreadable, easy to cook with, and delicious. It will have a coconut flavor, so prepare for that difference. There are many other options, but these are the healthiest, most natural, and least processed you will find anywhere. Enjoy your butter alternatives, warriors!

Now that you know, you may want to try these amazing avocado truffles!

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