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Healthier Movie Theater Treats

Snacking in a dark movie theater is half the reason we like to go to theaters. Here are some healthy snack options.

Healthinista Marzia Prince, your favorite health and fitness expert, takes well-being into the movie theater with healthier, delicious snack options. Who doesn’t love a good movie up on the big screen? Unfortunately, the theater is also a place filled with sugary, processed, GMO, non-organic foods. Marzia has some of her favorite options to counteract all of that.

Start with popcorn. All popcorn is non-GMO, so no worries there, but you want to choose an organic variety of pre-popped corn to make your movie experience perfect. You can also flavor them beforehand with sea salt, food grade essential oils, and coconut oil.

Vegan chocolate is always a good choice. Chocolate mint, chocolate cookies, chocolate drizzles on your popcorn, all of that sounds delicious. Coconut caramels is a way to get that sweetness too without as much sugar, or the dairy. Coconut is also a very good source of healthy fats, like the medium chain triglycerides that promote energy.

Want a gummy candy? Annie’s has you covered with delicious bunnies free of gluten and gelatin. Yum!

Those are Marzia’s go-to movie snacks. Share your favorites!


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