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The Healing Benefits of the 5 Tibetan Rites


tibetan_pose_nature_picZain Saraswati Jamal—Mind, Body, and Spirit Coach—guides us through the 5 Tibetan Rites. These rites increase strength, stamina, and longevity. They also clear away trauma, both physical and energy traumas.

Start by finding a steady gaze point, opening your arms like wings, and spinning slowly in a clockwise motion. Feel free to sit in child's pose if you ever feel dizzy. Lie down on your back and then elevate your legs and your chest simultaneously, inhaling as you elevate and yoga_pose_tibetan_picexhaling as you release. Draw your knees to your chest and kneel forward with your palms on your back. Arch forward and back. Lower yourself down and move into an altar-like pose, raising up and lowering slowly. Breathe. Move into the final rite by coming into a downward facing dog and alternating it with cobra pose. Come to rest in child's pose or lay down to relax or continue your yoga exercises.

Typically with the 5 Tibetan rites each rite is done 21 times, but you can start with 3 andback_bend_yoga_pose_pic build up, or you can even do more. Enjoy the health and peace that come with them.



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