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Green Tea Matcha Smoothie

This superfod pick-me-up smoothie is green tea goodness in a glass! With Sunwarrior illumin8 and matcha you will be energized to face any day!

Join the Healthinista, Marzia Prince, fitness expert and all around awesome health enthusiast, as she tackles a subject near and dear to many of us: green tea matcha smoothies. Haven’t heard of it before? That’s a shame because this morning pick-me-you will help you get started and then keep you energized for hours to come. It’s also super easy to make.

Blend one cup of greens juice, one tablespoon matcha, one scoop of Sunwarrior illumin8 vanilla bean flavor. Pour into a glass and drink! Plenty of natural ingredients for that early lift, quality nutrition, and surprising deliciousness all in one green smoothie. You’re welcome and enjoy!

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