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Gluten Free S’mores Tartelettes

S’mores just scream summer! These melty marshmallows will bring back memories of campfires and starlit nights, all while tasting amazing!

Thought you couldn’t have this classic summer treat because of the gluten in the graham crackers? Fear not! I have you covered! These S’mores Tartelettes are gluten free and dairy free. This dessert is secretly packed with multiple sources of protein, is naturally-sweetened, and will sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters!

Remember the three components of a traditional s’more?

  • A piece of chocolate
  • A toasted marshmallow
  • Sandwiched between two graham crackers.

Well, these tartelettes put a fun spin on this classic!

I took the graham crackers and turned them into a mini tart shell: the perfect vessel for a summer dessert. They can be eaten without utensils, which is ideal for outdoor activities.

I upgraded the piece of chocolate and instead made a chocolate ganache. The chocolate ganache features not one, but two of Sunwarrior’s proteins. The Warrior Blend Vanilla protein and the Illumin8 Organic Meal in Aztec Chocolate combine beautifully to give the S’mores Tartelettes a decadent chocolate layer.

I made my own marshmallow meringue topping to replace the pre-made ones you typically use for s’mores. Depending on your affinity for marshmallows, you can top the cups with as much or as little meringue as you like.

The S’mores Tartelettes are best served and enjoyed right away, as the marshmallow topping will gradually deflate. But, I bet these won’t sit out very long!

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