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Get Nutty! Cashew & Pecan Christmas Crunch

We’re nuts for these sweet snacks! Make them the life of the party, or be your neighbor’s favorite gift this year. This cashew, cacao & pecan maple vanilla crunch will be a holiday hit!

This recipe was inspired during the holiday season while creating a Christmas care package for my son (and my own desire for full taste explosions of flavor that just happen to pack healthy power). Every year, I aim to come up with a few indulgent treats that mark the holidays, and this year, cashews and cacao nibs have been an addiction for me. I made a double batch of these. Some for gifts, some to serve at a Christmas party, and some for me!

This combo is oh-so-good, somewhat addictive, and is a must-make any time of the year. The combo of crunchy, sweet, salty, and slightly bitter is perfection, and the best part is that anyone can make this. All you need to do is measure, mix, bake, and serve (or store and then sneak into every now and again). You are guaranteed to both love this and earn rave reviews from everyone who eats it. And yes, you can substitute in any nuts or seeds you love best!

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