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Do You Get Enough Vitamin F?

I have spent a considerable amount of time obsessing over, meditating on, and prying into every conceivable topic of nutrition one can imagine. Nature based health practices have become my life’s focus as a self-ascribed spokesperson for raw and living foods, super foods, tonic herbs, blender alchemy, spring water, and peak performance modalities. I have found myself wrapping my mind around the implications of major nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Sulfur, and so on. These are very important considerations in the holistic health puzzle but I attest to the reader that the most important nutrient we can bank on through our lifetime is a healthy surplus of vitamin F, faith.

swimmer_butterfly_stroke_wet_water_picI have spent my entire life, since the age of four, practicing various martial arts, both competitive and traditional. I was raised with the sense of physicality and philosophy as essential aspects in the holistic lifestyle picture. I have a deep philosophical belief that if your faith is strong enough you can accomplish anything you put your heart into. This has been my consistent experience and the experience of the world’s top performers and achievers in all arenas of life.

I find one of the stumbling blocks eager health enthusiasts encounter is the naysayers of the world. Those individuals who actively invest their time and energy into discrediting or debunking alternative ideas that do not fit into the status quo. Raw food, vegetarianism, and veganism are certainly alternative avenues to travel, although gaining popularity quickly.

One aspect of gaining all the miraculous benefits of this lifestyle is covering your nutritional bases and understanding the phases of detoxification. The less discussed aspect is how much you belief in the path set in front of you. This is something that only comes from within. I chose a dominantly raw living foods and vegetarian path because over the years it continued to speak to my heart.

There were times when I veered off the path to experiment with other options. What keeps me coming back is a fundamental belief that with each day I stay on course I am becoming a new and renewed version of myself. I have accepted my own transformation process and I continue to strive for excellence in my lifestyle practices so I can be a better example both for myself and for those who follow my work.

Consider this excerpt from my book The Life Food Peak Performance System and identify where your faith muscle is pulling you.

gymnast_strong_man_pic“Faith: As you proceed forward, always store up on a healthy dose of Vitamin F, Faith. Your faith will see you through any obstacle, no matter how great or alarming it may seem. The reason many people are unwilling to go all the way with their lifestyle is because their resolve is weak. Spend time each day fine tuning your faith muscle, exercise it. If you don’t use it you lose it. Do not easily give in to so-called experts or authorities when they state raw food is extreme or does not work. Become an active researcher of both outside information and your own body. As you experiment with new and exciting options your faith becomes stronger. This requires time and patience but as you increase your health you will have more time to develop your faith muscle further. If you follow this path out eventually you will find yourself solid and unmovable like the mighty oak tree, yet flexible like the unbreakable bamboo.”

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