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Gallo Pinto: Not Your Average Rice & Beans

Beans and rice make a simple meal, but simple is awesome! Check out how simply delicious this dish is!

If you’ve ever been to Costa Rica or Nicaragua, you have likely been served Gallo Pinto. It could be said that Gallo Pinto is the national food of these countries. It looks like rice and beans because it is rice and beans, with a few secret ingredients that infuse this daily staple with fabulous flavor. Gallo Pinto means spotted rooster in Spanish, but don’t worry, this is a rooster friendly vegan dish that is simple and sublime. It contains just seven ingredients and only takes about ten minutes to make as long as you cook the rice and beans ahead of time.

Gallo Pinto packs a great amount of nutrients, particularly protein, fiber, folate, and antioxidants. The avocado slices add healthy fats, the cilantro is especially rich in vitamins A & K, and the red pepper gives us a boost of vitamins C. Together rice and beans contain all of the amino acids, forming a complete protein. Even though you don’t have to eat them at the same to get the benefits, they sure do taste great together.

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