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Four Lessons of a Runner

There is a lot you can learn from running and a lot you can learn to become a runner. Here are four lessons of a runner to help you on your journey!

Running! It’s a word that makes some people excited, some people bored, and others groan in imagined agony. It doesn’t matter what they think, because if they are not on the road running, they will never know what it takes and what it means.

Running is not just a hobby or a sport, it has a philosophical aspect to it which makes runners view life in a different way. I have learned four valuable lessons from running which can be applied to everyday life.


Yes! Most of us spend a few hours in bed contemplating if we should go for a run or figuring out what clothes to wear or backing out due to climatic conditions. The most important things is to try—to show up!

Once you put those shoes on and start walking, you can realize you are already out and about so why not run? That’s how life works. You show up. As long as you show up and try, you have done your part and you can move on with a sense of satisfaction.

Put one step in front of the other literally and just try.


Running, like any other sport, is about persistence. Without being persistent, you are not going to lose weight, have toned legs, or get de-stressed (whatever your reason to run maybe). Give your best and stick to it. Being a good runner or becoming one is all about dedication and persistence.

The same applies to life. There is no point sticking to something for a short period of time and calling it quits or having an on-again off-again relationship with whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. Be it a hobby or a relationship or work life. You have to give it your best consistently to see results. So, don’t give up! Stick to it and get the results you desire.


There is a reason why running is hard, some people call running boring. It’s not just a physical challenge, it’s 99%mental—just like every other sport you pick up. Running trains you to be focused, to believe in yourself and gives you the extra push to realize what you’re really capable of. Running is a tool that unties the hidden strength you have within.

In life, you have to give the extra push and go that extra mile to achieve things. That’s when you realize what you are really capable of and how strong you are.


Running is well known to produce dopamine and create the euphoria feeling. Over a period of time, it has been proven to improve one physically and mentally; to aid in weight loss, to de-stress, and to create a toned body. It is a great tool to build confidence.

Everything lies within you. Peace, belief and confidence. It’s only a matter of time and remaining open to situations in life, which will change and break you down to show something new to you. It’s all in you!

Run to feel better. Run to get stronger. Run to discover yourself.

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