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A Fit Lifestyle: With Great Fitness comes Great Dedication

Staying fit is a term that has various definitions. For some, it means hitting the gym thrice a week and eating anything they please, for others, it’s staying in the gym for 3–5 hours every day, and for a handful, it’s about really staying fit. Now what does that mean?

Staying fit is not just a physical term. It means dedicating yourself to a certain lifestyle, to eating certain things, to pushing your body beyond a certain extent, and above all, it is about learning to enjoy your fitness while making compromises. Staying fit may not only make you give up on your favorite foods and sleep-in days, but also affect your social life. How do you handle these situations? Here are few tips to help you stick to your health mantra and still maintain a social life.

Late Night Out

friends_women_happy_fit_active_run_race_outside_nature_picUnless you have friends that are your clones, there’s not much chance you’ll end up in a group of friends that have a similar lifestyle. Well, unless you’re in a running club or you hang out with your fellow yogis all the time. If that’s not the case, then staying out late at night with friends is a common situation. The best way to handle this scenario is to actually show up to the event. Show up, stay for a few hours, maybe have a drink, and then excuse yourself. The fact that you show up and leave at a certain time can help them understand your interest in spending time with them and your dedication for staying fit.

Family Get-Togethers

This is pretty much the most horrifying situation. The moment you receive the invitation, you already know what it is about to go down. A million gravy dishes, comfort foods, loaves of bread or big bowls of rice, and in some cases unlimited servings of meat and drinks. And you figure there’s no way to get around it. Wrong! It takes some courage to say no. But do it anyway. Make your own dish: a salad, vegan gravy, or even a raw vegan dessert. Most of the time, people are worried about you not eating. Bringing your own dish and just having a small portion of what they serve can prevent you from falling under the limelight.

Sooner than later, your family will get used to you. It’s all about creating new habits.

At Work

Got a new project? Beer! End of the week? Beer! Lost a project? Beer! Some of you may work in a place where drinking is the thing to do or where picking a lunch spot means burgers and fries. You definitely want to spend time with your boss or be in close terms with your co-workers. This can be quiet nerve wrecking as you may start resenting work lunches and other team building activities.

coworkers_lunch_healthy_fun_happy_together_good_picThe best thing to do is bring your own lunch. Then, depending on your relationship with your colleagues, one great thing you can do is talk about your lifestyle: the benefits you experience, the transformation you’ve gone through, and more. Talking about your dedication to leading a fit lifestyle can prevent you from looking like the black sheep and will most probably motivate people around you to be fit as well.

At Home

Last but not the least, what to do when you’re home? For most of us, it’s not a problem. We feel the safest at home. But that’s not the case for all of us. Some spouses don’t get the lifestyle, and kids may not approve of their mom’s absence from pizza nights. This can be a difficult situation.

The best thing you can do is not allow your desire to fit in and make others happy overwhelm your desire to be healthy and fit. Know that what you’re doing is right and good for you, and keep doing it. Over time they will see you happy and healthy and it may motivate your family to join the boat. Make sure you involve them in your activities and healthy eat outs. Shutting them down to save your lifestyle is not the best option in the long run. Slowly but surely, you’ll see your family following your path.

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