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Farmer's Walk Workout

Tim McComsey, your favorite Sunwarrior Trainer and Dietician out of Dallas, Texas, has an exercise that will work your upper body while also increasing your heart rate, burning calories, and working bits of your entire body for stretches too.

tim_mccomsey_workout_sunwarrior_fitness_expert_picThat’s right, boys and girls, welcome to the Farmer’s Walk, an exercise that mimics the natural exercises that shaped hardworking people for thousands of years, and this workout has become a staple for strongman competitions in our modern time. You’re going to harness it for yourself in your gym or home, no need to be a strongman to do so either.

Get yourself two fairly heavy dumbbells, heavier than you would normally use for lifting purposes. You will hold these while keeping tim_mccomsey_weights_walk_strength_build_muscle_picyour shoulders back and chest high, we don’t want any injuries out there. Follow Tim’s lead and watch his form. You’ll carry those back and forth in the room where you’re working out. When you reach your initial starting point, drop down and do some pushups. You’ll use the dumbbells as you do the pushups too, to make sure you dip farther, working those arms, chest, shoulders, and back even more. Do this three times in a row without stopping to really get your cardiovascular system pumping.

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