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Experience More Flow in Life and Reach Your True Potential

Diet has a great deal to do with your mental and spiritual health, not just physical. Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to improve our true health and flow.

woman_young_living_room_home_yoga_relax_picThe philosophy of living foods is to increase the consumption of raw foods, which have concentrated life force qualities, in order to experience heightened states of sensory acuity within the body and mind.

When we introduce a higher volume of living plant foods, we experience a higher rate of flow states, a.k.a. peak performance or getting into the zone. The food we ingest directly influences our sense of grace and levity in the world, and consuming raw food is the simplest way to experience more flow in our lives. When we burden the body with heavier foods, we experience heaviness and digestive disturbance. When we alleviate the density, remove the obstructions, and invite in more hydrated, mineral rich foods, we experience a lightness we perhaps weren’t previously aware existed. In order to activate our core powers of body, mind, and spirit, we must activate our potential for radical optimism and inspiration.

It has been my experience that the cooked food and meat centered diet detracts from the holy flow of inspired creativity on some level. It is very difficult to assume an attitude of gratitude when we are in pain. If our body is out of alignment, then our spring of positive emotions will be disharmonious as a result.

This is not a theory I am suggesting you take lightly; test this against your own experience. Challenge your own past assumptions on this subject and see what insights evolve as you experience the changes raw foods create. By simply consuming more plant foods in their uncooked and water rich state, you will experience more fluidity, continuity, and states of hyper flow. After all, mineral rich spring water and the nutrient rich raw foods boost the health of our bodies and blood. When we introduce more life-force-containing substances into our diets, we experience and radiate more life force energy.

women_young_relax_blanket_shore_dock_sunny_basket_fruit_grapes_eat_picAs each of us continue down this path of nutritional sovereignty, our paths in life become more clear and less confusing. The cloudiness people feel in their daily lives is often associated with digestive infections like candida or leaky gut syndrome. This shows there are only so many indiscretions we can accumulate in the body before it malfunctions. Tapping into the flow is predicated on nurturing our potential through habits that support our highest expression.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, if we do not nourish our life force potential we will inhibit the flow of life circulating through us. This not only compromises our potential but holds back those who would have benefited from the gifts we have to share. This is the true purpose of a plant-based and living food lifestyle: support of a culture of life that allows us to improve not only our lives, but the lives of others.

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