Exercises with a Partner: Variations on Squats


Marzia Prince, Healthy Housewife, joins her fitness trainer powers with Tim McComsey, owner of TRyM Fitness, for partner squats. And when their powers combine, you get super toned fun. Grab a partner and make sure you smile, laugh, and enjoy this one. Beginners will do a regular squat while holding both hands with their partner. Keep your shoulders back, chest up, core tight, and come down at a 90 degree angle. Keep it tight, safe, and fun as your combined balance makes it a touch more difficult and you work your core even more.


Intermediates, kick it up a notch by holding only one hand, opposite arms. Don't forget to switch arms after a set. Advanced, grab a weight with your free hand and do a hold, shoulder press, curl, or lateral side raise with each squat. You'll be working your core, arms, legs, and glutes all at once while getting your cardio going too. Enjoy this one!


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