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Eliminate Anxiety and Stress with a Relaxation Bath

Life is busy. And sometimes you just need a break. Take that break with a much-needed relaxation bath!

All about that Bath!

romantic_bath_relax_room_picEscaping into a fantastic bath is all about the details. Anyone can jump in and hop out at any time, but we want our bath to be a beneficial health event with a taste of vacation involved. Magnesium in Epsom salt is beneficial to absorb into the skin. You might find that you feel more relaxed, stress free, and even pain free after this soak.

The Arthritis Foundation recommends warm water exercise for arthritis. This isn’t only about the exercise. Water by itself can be pain relieving, especially if you let the water take the weight off of your joints for a while. If you can’t make it to an exercise class, at least you can make it into your own bathtub.

One Hour

Go crazy, and budget one hour for this soaking experience. But at the very least give yourself the gift of 10–12 minutes. Read this through to embrace the big picture.


  • Fill the tub with the warmest (not hottest) water you enjoy. Filling the tub with as much water as possible is important. A major part of this is to be able to float a little bit. Not having to support all of your weight can help give your joints a warm, relaxing break. You will likely feel a lot better.
  • 2 cups of Epsom salt. Stir them in until they dissolve
  • Optional: Add 10 to 20 drops of Organic Essential Oil to your bath (Lavender is a popular choice for relaxing)

Next to the Tub

  • Drinking water bottle
  • Clock or timer (try at least 10 to 12 minutes of just soaking)
  • Towel or Robe
  • Tub Pillow or small washcloth/towel you can roll up to support and cushion your neck against the hard tub
  • Dry Brush or loofah to scrub yourself down
  • Large cup of organic (or fresh) ginger or yarrow tea
  • Music like classical, jazz, or even soft rock to help you to relax
  • Candles, and if you aren’t great with regular candles because of the open flame, there are LED candles that look and feel like real candles. This can be much safer for someone who’s a bit forgetful or uncoordinated


epsom salt_bath salt_candle_relax_pink flower_calm_pic

  • Soak as long as you can for optimum relaxation
  • Drink, drink, drink water (or tea) while you’re in the tub
  • Support your neck!

After Your Bath

  • Rinse off
  • Moisturize your body with organic coconut oil
  • With or without the tea, you might want to budget an extra thirty minutes for after the bath because you might sweat. The tea will make you warmer
  • Wrap yourself up in your robe or towel and continue to drink lots of water or herbal tea. Be sure to stay away from caffeine for a while. It can make you dehydrate more quickly and is not conducive to relaxation
  • Dessert
  • End your experience with a Stress Free Smoothie!

Note, baths are not for everyone:

Make sure you’re able to exit the bath safely before entering the bath. If you haven’t taken a bath in a while, please test it out while someone else is home. If you have medical questions, please ask a medical professional.

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