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Elastic Single Leg Deadlift & Shoulder Lateral Raise

Let’s get your core, legs, and shoulders sculpted. They’ll all be humming after this workout.

Welcome back to Sunwarrior’s gym sessions with the always knowledgeable fitness trainer Tim McComsey. He has the muscles and the know-how to get you to your fitness goals and beyond. Today you’ll need an elastic band and a low and sturdy or stationary object to attack it too. Try a pole, a desk, a stair rail, a car bumper, solid table leg, or something similar. Make sure it won’t slide, move, topple, or shimmy on you though. We want you safe and disaster free.

Tim takes you through how to use the elastic to improve your balance while also burning a ton of calories. You’ll be using a lot of different muscle groups at the same time and fighting to stay upright. That means more fat-burning power and plenty of muscle toning for you.

It helps if you keep your eyes fixed on something across the room. Also make sure you stand about two feet away from your fixed object to give you room and let the elastic do its job. Don’t forget to work both sides of your body. This exercise is far less effective if you limit it to one side. Enjoy the burn. You earned it.


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