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Effective Motivation - How YOU Can Achieve iI

You know what’s good for you, but how do you get motivated to accomplish the things that you know will bring you the greatest joy? Read on and discover your way to effective motivation!

Are you the person who wakes up buzzing about life in the mornings? How about the person who jumps out of bed and loves the thought of the day ahead? If you aren’t already that person, we’ve got great news for you: You CAN feel like this! Feel more inspired, focused, and motivated than ever before.

Get a routine

Your habits determine not only how successful you are but how motivated you are. When you have productive and consistent routines, you are more at peace, and you can feel that you are making real gains. Once your routines are repeated regularly, it becomes normative and you will go through these improved motions during your day without much conscious thought at all. Fulfilling your routine gives a sense of accomplishment. After all, we are creatures of habit, which is a great thing when those habits contribute to our good.

Start well

Eat a good breakfast in the morning. Get yourself some porridge with some fresh berries or chopped fruit, Greek yogurt with nut mix, or even treat yourself to a fabulous protein smoothie. A substantial and healthy breakfast is going to really set you up for the day ahead. You will feel more alert, and your brain and body will function at a higher rate. Eating a meal within an hour of waking up is also great to boost your metabolism and keep you in better shape. Deciding not to eat in the morning, or selecting junk food will have the inverse effect on your brain and body.

Love your job

If you already enjoy your work, then you’ve already got this covered. However, if work is a bit of a drag, do your best to lessen the negative thoughts bringing you down and only encouraging complaints and discontent. Focus on the positive aspects and outcomes of the job, such as, I work with some great people, or I am able to provide for my family. Whatever it is, make those thoughts your “go-to” thoughts, and you will begin to see the other less appealing aspects as not such a big deal. If you really don’t enjoy your job, think about moving! Don’t look for some opportunities to come your way, go searching! They won’t be far away!

Know your why

You have to know why you are doing something. If you know your why, then you will do whatever it takes to reach your goals. This could be making enough money to pay your mortgage or even to see your kids go through university with no financial worries. Whether you do what you do to make the world a better place or to fulfill your own internal desires, you trust your gut and follow it. Trust leads to good places.

Surround yourself with inspiring media

You could do this on the way to work in your car by listening to motivational talks or through your earphones on the train. Either way, it is a great opportunity to get in a mentally positive place before you start the work day. Take responsibility to get yourself in a good place at the beginning of the day to set you up for a fantastic day ahead. There are many people in the industry of self-improvement and motivation you can follow. This may even become a hobby, and when you start to think with confidence and more purpose, you will have created one of your most powerful and desired habits.

Make a “To Do” list

On a daily basis, write down your tasks, and then prioritize them so you know what needs doing first. As you work your way through the list, you can mark off what you have completed and feel a great sense of achievement as the day goes on. This will motivate you to get all your tasks finished, but also in the correct order of importance, which will lower stress.

Create incentives for yourself

You should reward yourself if you have a success at work or in your personal life. Whether this is planning a couple of holidays a year or simply getting the chance to fulfill your hobby once or twice a week after work. Being disciplined here is key, but that is what will motivate you, if you treat this seriously, then you will want to work hard at what you do. Once you reach these targets or goals, take it a step further, reach higher, make the goal a little tougher the next time. Believe you can do it! You can!


Affirmations are great motivators. These are statements you have written down and read over and over to reaffirm a belief. You could keep this piece of paper next to your bed and read your affirmations before bed and after waking up. You could even keep them with you in your work clothing and get them out at any time to read. This will give you that little boost that you need. More specifically, they might include affirming that you are a successful person, you work hard, you are loving, or that you are ready for the challenges ahead. Once those positive statements become habitual thoughts, you will be well on your way to greatness.

Getting yourself in a good, positive and motivated mindset at any time will pay dividends in your workplace or life in general. Soon enough, you won’t need motivating, you will have created such healthy ways of doing things that they will become instilled habits, and you will feel exuberant and motivated nearly all the time.

Take care, and be kind to yourself.

Shift your attitude to I CAN!

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