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Shift Your Attitude: “I can’t” to “I can”

Attitude is everything. It shapes how we see the world around us. It also shapes how the world sees us. Achieve greatness with attitude!


How can I convince you that you can do something? Without even knowing you, how can I turn around and ask you to please listen to and believe in me? Well, I probably can’t.

Did you see what I actually did there? I got you to believe in my inability pretty quickly.

The phrase I can’t is a dream and passion killer, and the only way to handle it is to throw the words I can’t in the bin! Eradicate this phrase from your vocabulary. Because I do believe in you! I do believe that you have the answers to your own life.

Saying I can’t means you might as well have already written the last chapter of your own tragedy. It’s a done deal. You’ve already gorged on a steady diet of “I can’t do this’’ “I am not worthy’’. Well, it’s time for a change. It’s time for the real YOU to surface and start believing in the unseen. Believing in the things that you only thought you could see in your dreams. People live out their dreams every day and they are the ones who are saying heck yes I can!

Reaching your dream may not necessarily come easily, A few baby steps will make the journey less painful


When you have confidence and belief in yourself, you can persevere through hard times and keeping moving forward even when things look bleak.

Mountain_climber_woman_picChallenge Yourself

Saying I can’t will stagnate you to the same place you’ve always been. This might be a secure place. You might be earning a good income or a bit of respect and clout in your personal worlsapce, but are you really being challenged? Are you really living the life you want to live? Breaking through the barrier of fear is a leap into the unknown, and man, will it want to take you back into your comfort zone again. Stay focused on what you want. Work through the hard times and break through and reach the best things on the other side.

Be in Control of You

Telling yourself that you are in control and you can take the reins of your life and direct it where you want, that’s freedom. So many people feel their lives are out of their control and they live in a world where they believe people around them and circumstances control them. However, this is really only a choice. Choosing constraint and feeling out of control will only lead to bad emotions and feelings. No one likes those.

Open Up

I can will open the door to possibilities you didn’t think could happen for you. Although once you begin to see the magic around you, this simple change in perspective will allow you to attract bigger and greater things into your life. Your life will never be the same again.

What people may not realize is the things that scare us are opportunities hitting us dead in the face. Staying open allows us to accept those opportunities. These are things that we probably really want. When you say no to your dreams who knows how far you are pushing them back? Stay open.

Be Aware

woman_peace_meditate_joy_happiness_picBecome more aware of what you are saying. So many of us don’t even realize how negative we really are or sound until we start to become more conscious of our thoughts and the things we say. So the next time the opportunity comes up to answer with either “I can” or “I can’t”, be aware of what you think, hear what you say, because even the step of catching yourself saying “I can’t” means you’re already on your way to reaching the better you. At that moment, you actually start thinking, what am I even saying? Of course I can do that! When you start to put confidence in your mind, and trust your intuition, you will be amazed at how many ideas pop up, how you come up with different ways to figure something out. Suddenly, there are a number of ways you could complete a task at work or ways you can create a new career for yourself.

In your mind, you can only think good or bad thoughts. These thoughts either give us good or bad feelings. So have a think about what you are putting into your mind. Are you predominantly giving yourself the treatment and respect you want and need, or are you bringing yourself down? If you aren’t so sure, just start becoming more aware of your thoughts.

Believe in you, believe you can.

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