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Eating Emotions Away

Many people say they are emotional eaters, but what does eating emotions mean? And how do you control it?

Eating is not just about taste. It is about your relationship with yourself that is reflected in your eating habits. You are not just what you eat, you are also how you eat. ~Smriti Kirubanandan

girl_child_chocolate_emotion_eating_picWe have all been there. The concept of eating emotions away is not new to us. We as humans, are constantly exposed to stress, and we try to avoid facing emotions or problems and end up dealing with them in the form of food. Eating disorders or emotional eating has something to do with self-control, but mostly it’s about how we deal with stress or emotions. We try to eat them away, literally!

Pay attention to your pet. If you don’t have one, go observe a neighbor’s pet for a little bit. They don’t eat when stressed or upset. Animals sleep, lay around, or play. They do this all while not eating. They don’t eat until they really have an appetite. I am going to emphasize on the word really, because, that’s the key: To recognize real hunger vs eating out of boredom, sadness, or stress.

Stress eating

Eating during stress is not just bad for your waistline, but creates havoc in your system. When stressed, your body has less ability to absorb nutrients and your immune system is generally weakened.


If you are stressed, go for a walk or a run. You will find that you feel better and avoided contributing to a bad habit.

Slowly work on replacing your comfort foods.

If your comfort food is brownies, find an alternative that has a similar flavor but without all the processed sugars and fats. If you are feel you must eat, then get a juice or a protein bar rather than eating a box of pizza.


For centuries, people have sworn by the benefits of meditation. Meditation definitely doesn’t work overnight, but, it does work eventually. It helps you deal with your emotions without reacting to them. It is a way for you to face reality, face your emotions, and face yourself. Facing the real you is a gift, so don’t eat that away.


This term is a bit looked down upon. You don’t become a crazy person if you go to therapy. It’s quite the opposite. It is important for you to be able to talk to someone and be heard. Some of us may be going through hard times in life, and it’s important to reach out to an unbiased professional expert who can keep you grounded and sane. Don’t be afraid of this option. What matters is you, not others’ opinions.


Humans are meant to be loved, nurtured, and feel connected. We may be great at showing love to our partners, parents, friends, dogs and the neighbor down the road. But we may feel insecurity, hatred and remorse towards ourselves. We may hate our bodies and just everything about us. But those feelings are self-destructive.

You need to slowly practice the art of accepting yourself and embracing all your good and bad qualities. Because, there is just one person like you. Love yourself, and that’s the best gift you can give yourself and to others.

Eating is not just about taste. It is about your relationship with yourself that is reflected in your eating habits. You are not just what you eat, you are also how you eat.

Looking to start replacing comfort foods now? Trade in your traditional brownies for this healthier option!

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