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Eating From the Earth

April is Earth Month, when the world’s attention turns to environmental awareness and eating from nature. It’s a shame that doesn’t happen every month.

As part of the celebration Dr. Weston had the opportunity to participate in a couple TV interviews and a radio talk show. The time slots were short and the questions he had to respond to didn’t allow him to get to some of the most important issues.

He wants to expose what he feels is a nutritional felony. It’s called the Standard American Diet. In the U.S. one out of two people die from cardiovascular disease, one in three succumbs to cancer, and more than half of those who are over 50 years of age are taking multiple prescription medications for everything from heartburn to type 2 diabetes.garden_farm_produce_vegetables_grow_fresh_natural_pic Lots of us are guilty to some degree of eating poorly and failing to exercise. It’s a sad fact that many people take better care of the family car, which they will trade in for a newer model every three or four years, than they do of their body, and you only get one. There will be no trade ins.

Eating from the Earth sounds so simple, but it’s more difficult than you might think. A whopping 90% of the foods at the typical supermarket are processed, meaning they are cooked, bleached, gassed, radiated, polluted with chemicals, and laced with hormones. In actuality, we are slowly poisoning ourselves.

There is a place where people live an average of more than 10 years longer than Americans, and do so healthily. No medications, no long stays in the hospital; they basically live actively till they die at close to 100 years of age. That place is the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. They live on a plant-based diet, especially high in beans, only eating meat about twice a month, and they walk an average of 6-8 miles per day. None of the citizens have a weight problem.

If we followed those same eating and lifestyle habits here in America, the impact would be huge, with an almost overnight decrease in obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and even cancer. garden_grow_basket_food_produce_vegetables_picIt starts with what we put in our shopping cart, because that’s what ends up on our plate. The majority of our shopping should be in the fresh produce section and a little in the frozen food aisle. The goal is to fill your plate with plants. Generally speaking, vegetables and proteins are builders, fruits are cleansers, berries are blood purifiers, nuts and seeds provide omegas, and bright colors supply antioxidants.

The science of digestion has found that food needs to become liquid to pass through the gastrointestinal wall and be assimilated, so digestion is largely the process of juice extraction. When we eat solids we get 30-35% of the nutrients they contain, whereas when we blend or juice the same food we are able to assimilate over 90%. As an example, kiwi fruit is ounce for ounce one of the most nutrient dense fruits on the planet, with an average size kiwi providing up to 250% of the daily vitamin C requirement. So you can chew one up and get one third of the nutrients, or throw one in the blender with your smoothie and reap 90%. That’s why Dr. Weston has become a blender-a-holic. The benefits are weight control, increased energy, and a boost to immunity. It’s fun, fast, healthy and delicious. It really is your choice; nutritional felony, or eat from the Earth?

Give these smoothie recipes a try!

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