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Eating for Art & Creativity

This article is directed to all the artists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and imaginative individuals out there. Considering these are all intrinsic traits of each human being, this is written especially for you. Each one of us has the capacity for illustrating our lives in a more vibrant and inspiring frame. This is why I recommend each of us organizes our daily food selections with each color of the rainbow. The foods we consume can either enhance our glow for life or degrade it. vegetables_fruits)healthy_colorful_picThis simple distinction cuts to the heart of all nutrition conversations. We could discuss the endless nutrients like vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, etc. until the end of time. Although these are critical topics to consider, they only represent the surface level of inner and outer transformation.

By identifying natural plant-based foods rich in colorful pigments(antioxidants), we can create a more complete picture of our personal diet. Foods rich in dark pigmentations feed different regions of our brain, thus allowing us to think better and make better decisions. These colorful plant foods increase cardiovascular health by opening the arterial capsules of our blood and the aortic valves of the heart. The concept of “getting in the flow” is really about increasing blood oxygen flow to the heart and brain. By drinking more green pigmented juices we automatically become more juiced about life. By opening ourselves to nature’s pharmacopeia(natural foods) we immediately open to life’s coming attractions.

This concept of activating genius through diet is, in my opinion, the real conversation that needs to take place. Enjoy this excerpt from my book The Life Food Peak Performance System:

“The catalyst of artistic expression is not held within a framework of calculations, such as dietary mathematics. It is ignited by the flow of an uninhibited imagination. Albert Einstein once said imagination is more important than knowledge. I interpret this as simplicity over complication. This may be the most simple portion of functional eating as it is direct, visually obvious, and is limited only by the reach of the imagination. Raw food cuisine is pure art in its most integral sense. The flavor fruits_basket_citrus_berries_grapes_apples_piccombinations that can be assorted through living food combining are inviting to all new comers and cherished by seasoned raw foodies. The creative spark of human ingenuity is amplified by living foods. The biophotonic resonance is firmly stamped within the nueroplasticity of the human brain.

If you are new to living foods and are heavily involved in artistic expressions of some sort your intuition may heighten. If you are not currently involved in an area of art or personal creativity open up to the probability you will be soon. Raw food is an invitation into unexplored potential and dormant regions of imagination waiting to be brought out. Living food saturation brings out the canvas of life in which all the colors of the eternal rainbow become available. By consuming colorful foods our life becomes more colorful. This is, perhaps the most powerful aspect of natural nutrition. Colors evoke inspirational attributes and emotions to surface. When we eat a wide variety of colorful vegetation and water rich fruits it brings more life to our art. When we eat more cooked food(grayish foods) and flesh foods it strips the inspirational spark, slowly but surely. “

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