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Detox Your Life: Organizing your Closet

Your personal HEALTHinista Marzia Prince is here to help you detox your life, starting with your closet. That’s right, it’s time to clean that overstuffed mess up.

marzia_prince_closet_clean_organize_declutter_picDisorganization is the enemy of a calm and collected lifestyle, contributing to stress, frustration, lost time, and negative emotions. Organization, on the other hand, sets the tone for Zen. You can find your clothes more easily, calmly pick out your best outfits, and carry that feeling of control and completeness into the rest of your day. Begin by getting rid of anything you don’t use, no longer care for, or don’t need. Clutter will just slow you down. Giving away what you don't need gives you the chance to help others who need the clothes, or you can do a yard sale and maybe pick up a few bucks to help in your cleanup.

Lighten things up with a fresh coat of paint. Get rid of the mismatched hangers and invest in one type. There’s something soothing about just seeing one consistent type and color of hanger. You'll want to get thin hangers to let you pack in more clothes. Put your clothes, shoes, and accessories into similar groupings by type, purpose, and color. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, even early in the morning through bleary, sleepy eyes.

closet_clothes_hangers_organized_clean_pretty_picDon’t stop with your closet. Go ahead and slowly work your way through every part of your home and your life. Reorganize your garage. Create storage options in your playroom or family room. Get rid of unnecessary clutter in your kitchen, especially in your cupboards, fridge, and pantry. Clean your car. Spruce up your office. There’s enough stress in the world. Your home should be a retreat and a shelter from it.

Check out Marzia's tips on making your closet vegan!

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