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Decadent Cocoa Matcha Protein Balls

St. Patrick’s Day rapidly approaches which means it is time to get creative in the kitchen with shamrock themed, guilt-free desserts. So we give you cocoa matcha protein balls!

While you may think of matcha as the delicious green tea Japanese powder that you sip in your almond milk latte, you should also think of it as the perfect festive ingredient to use all month long in your baking.

Matcha is a fine green tea powder that comes from the crushing of the tea leaves. The entire leaf is being consumed rather than just the extract from typical tea, making this a powerful antioxidant loaded with health benefits. Matcha is most typically used as an energizer (matcha creates an even spread of energy throughout the day, unlike coffee which can tend to have the crash effect). Matcha is a natural detoxifier for your body and contains high levels of a compound known to have tremendous cancer-fighting properties (EGCG). So why not incorporate this into your desserts? These vegan, no-bake Cocoa Matcha Protein Balls are a great snack to satisfy your chocolate craving while consuming all-natural, healthy ingredients:

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