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Cultivate Gratitude

Feeling grateful actually opens you up to receiving more. Here’s how to cultivate gratitude.

Vegan chef, and vibrant-living tip-giver, Jason Wrobel, may be in his kitchen, but he’s switching things up a bit today. He’s putting down the spatula, and talking about the ways in which you can cultivate more gratitude in your life. Gratitude is one of those fabulous emotions that changes everything: including life and the way you live it.

Be grounded in the present moment. Take time to realize the things you presently have, and take more time to be grateful for those things you have. To you, something like clean water or a nice bite to eat may seem simple and ordinary, but, to others, those simple things may be challenges. Learn to enjoy every little thing, and every little thing will become much more important in your daily routine.

Take inventory of the amazing relationships you have in this life. Look at your family and friends and realize how loved and supported you already are. Life isn’t about amassing great wealth, it is about amassing great relationships. And of course, make sure to reciprocate that love!

Start a gratitude journal, but instead of listing twenty or thirty random things daily, pick one person or thing to focus on. Write five to ten things you’re grateful for about that person or thing. You’ll really answer the question of why you’re so grateful. A gratitude journal is always a fantastic way to close your day. It allows you to wake up each morning with a gracious heart.

Lastly, don’t get caught up in the comparison trap. Others may have bigger and better things than you, but it’s important to define what success, joy, and contentment means to you. You define your own success. You may find out that the grass is not always greener on the other side.


Gratitude has a great sidekick called forgiveness. Learn more!

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