Creamy Nicaraguan “Beet It” Smoothie

A delicious, vegan smoothie using Central American fave fruits and veggies is one way to add sunshine to summer! This beet smoothie is a definite celebration of flavor!

If you’re not in Central America, don’t worry! You can still find these fruits and veggies in International Food Stores, or even better for the environment in terms of less travel for transport, try local alternatives. If you do have easy access to these fresh foods, enjoy their delicious combinations in this smoothie with Sunwarrior protein for an added anti-inflammatory, plant protein punch.


Creamy Nicaraguan “Beet It” Smoothie

Prep Time
Total Time



  • Instead of plantain, use banana
  • Instead of chayote, use zucchini, papaya, or pear
  • Instead of water use coconut milk

Superfood Additions:

  • 1 packet Lion's Mane medicinal mushrooms
  • 1/2 teaspoon mucuna powder
  • 1 tablespoon Liquid Light
  • Top with hemp seeds


Place all ingredients in blender, blend, and enjoy!

What is Chayote?

The Chayote plant contains nutrients that have anti-inflammatory properties that help with high-blood pressure, kidney stones, and indigestion. Chayote is high in fiber to balance blood sugar. Eat it raw, shred it in salads, add it to stir-fry or soups. You can even juice chayote which helps with liver health.

Did You Know?

Beets are very detoxifying for the liver? They also contain betaine, which studies have shown have significant anti-cancer properties and are effective in inhibiting the formation of cancer-causing cells in the body.

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