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Coconut Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

A healthy, tasty breakfast just got easy! Let us help you get on with your day after filling up the right way.

This delicious, slightly tangy yogurt uses the coconut meat from young Thai coconuts. It is super simple to make (especially now that I can buy the coconut meat already frozen at the health food store nearby).

As much as I love drinking the water and scooping out the meat from the coconut itself, I can happily say I don’t miss karate chopping those coconuts with a cleaver. When I first tasted coconut meat fresh from the coconut itself, I instantaneously fell in love with it! It is amazing how many creative dishes you can make with coconut meat, and it’s a great substitute for dairy. If you are vegan, have an allergy to dairy, or are choosing to limit dairy, this alternative is for you.

For the probiotics, I use Friendly Flora by Health Force Nutritionals. It has a whopping 100 billion organisms per teaspoon. Make sure to do a probiotic check to make sure it is dairy free if you are vegan or sensitive to dairy. Friendly Flora happens to be vegan.

Making coconut yogurt may sound pretty ambitious, and you may opt to just buy some from the store instead, however, know it’s easy, and there is nothing like homemade!

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