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Coconut Mango-Rum Cocktail Ice-Cream Pops

Ice cream pops are not just warm weather treats for children! Adults can cool off with these coconut mango-rum cocktail ice-cream pops

For a tasty, leisure treat that every cabana bar and smoothie joint should have, here is Kaz's Coconut Mango-Rum Cocktail Ice-Cream Pops. With a team of delicious mango and coconut cream, these pops are every fitness-partygoers’ dream. The juicy, sweet mango provides an abundance of vitamin C for immunity, vitamin A for your vision, and fiber to help keep that cholesterol lowered. The malic acid and tartaric acid help alkalize the whole body. The plant-based protein offers an easily digestible protein source that tastes great. So go hit the freezer and enjoy them after making these. You won’t be disappointment. If you’re enjoying these at the gym, make sure you consume responsibly and have someone else drive. And make sure to enjoy them post work out so you don’t get a little tipsy and hurt yourself on the equipment.

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