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Coconut Honey Healing Balm

For burns, cuts, skin, muscle cramps, and more this coconut healing balm has all the benefits you need and is easy to make for yourself!

Raw, organic coconut oil and raw, organic honey are two things that are a must in my remedy cabinet. They are used for smoothies, for facials, for burns, cuts, and pretty much anything!

Coconut oil is a miracle oil and can be used for pretty much anything: dry hair, moisturizer, as a shaving lotion, for cooking, for coffee, for smoothies, and of course for skin application. Coconut oil is well known for its anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory benefits which helps to reduce inflammation, reduce scar tissue, heal burns and can be used internally to aid digestion and any viral infection.

Egyptians and Greeks have used honey, on the other hand, for thousands of years for baths, food and for healing burns. As found in research, over 100 superficial burn injuries, honey has many uses:

“A total of 104 cases of superficial burn injury were studied to assess the efficiency of honey as a dressing in comparison with silver sulfadiazine gauze dressing. In the 52 patients treated with honey, 91 percent of wounds were rendered sterile within 7 days. In the 52 patients treated with silver sulfadiazine, 7 percent showed control of infection within 7 days. Healthy granulation tissue was observed earlier in patients treated with honey (mean 7.4 versus 13.4 days). Of the wounds treated with honey, 87 percent healed within 15 days as against 10 per cent in the control group. Relief of pain, a lower incidence of hypertrophic scar and post-burn contracture, low cost and easy availability make honey an ideal dressing in the treatment of burns.”

Honey aids in increased cell generation by protecting the wound from external foreign particles and giving the skin a good layer of protection. Due its high nutrient quantity, it provides one with essentials vitamins and minerals that escalates the healing process. For our vegan friends, you may replace the honey ingredient with coconut nectar in this recipe, but you will lose some of the anti-inflammatory and immune boosting healing properties.

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