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Choose the Intensity of this Super Effective Bicep Workout

choose_the_intensity_of_this_super_effective_bicep_workoutMarzia Prince, as the Healthy Housewife, fitness trainer, and health expert that she is, demonstrates the perfect bicep curl workout using the TRX suspension training system. These two simple exercises use your body weight to work more than just the bicep. They get the core, back, arms, and forearms burning.

Hey warriors! It's your trainer, Marzia Prince here. And today I'm going to instruct a TRX bicep curl.

Now what you'll need for this exercise is a TRX Suspension Training System and your biceps. So here's what we're going to do. We're going to move these straps to mid-length right here. Okay. We're all situated.

Now this type of bicep curl is going to engage your core, your entire body, not only your biceps; a little bit of your back, your arms, your forearms, everything. So check this out. Let me get this settled. This is my starting point of the TRX bicep curl. And I could always change the vector. If I want it deeper, it'll be harder. If I want it lighter, I'll stand up more. So just change the angle.

choose_your_easy_or_hard_bicep_workoutSo what I'm going to do is this is my end point to my bicep curls. I'm going to let it release slowly, and then I'm going to pull myself up. Now I'm using my own body weight to pull myself up. And I can feel my grip, my forearms, my biceps, a little bit of my shoulders—it's all working—and my core. And now I'm using my body as a plank to really engage that core. And by bringing my toes up and using my heels it really forces my body to be in a plank.

Now I can always change this bicep curl to a different angle. I can go like this. Instead of your palms facing you they'll face away, so same type of movement. Really slowly, you don't want any slack. Pull it up. Really slowly, pull it up. This is the reverse bicep curl.

So those are two bicep exercises you can use and put in your routine.

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