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Celebrating a Sunwarrior

Russ Cashin is 89 years old.

He’s been around for a while and has done some amazing things in those 89 years. He served his country during World War II, signing up when he was 17 to serve his country like his father had in World War I, and then earning a Purple Heart after shrapnel from a mortar peppered most of the right half of his body and shattered his left leg. His lovely wife eased him through the PTSD and stood by his side through much more as they raised 8 children. He’s also survived a 6 way bi-pass, macular degeneration, and even cancer. He’s well-loved and known as a survivor and a shrewd poker player who loves cards, history, politics, and sports.

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He has a friend who started working for Sunwarrior several years ago who kept telling him that he could start improving his health with smoothies, making meals a little easier and nutrients more available.

It started with samples. Then Russ watched his friend suffer through a few juicing fasts.

Then Russ actually purchased a few bags to try. On a fixed budget, that’s quite the expense. He loved it.

His friend at Sunwarrior couldn’t let him spend so much of his meager income on a supplement, so he put him on the friends and family discount. Russ has been making smoothies ever since. He’s shared with us that his strength has increased, his shrapnel pain has decreased, his angina has almost disappeared, and he is considering taking up running again.

Until he’s ready to start sprinting down the trails of Southern Utah, he’s taken to a regimen of stationary cycling and lifting weights daily. He says he hasn’t felt this good in 20 years and credits much of this rejuvenation to Sunwarrior products. He plans to live to 120 and we’re more than happy to help him reach that goal.

We think it’s actually Russ’s amazing strength of character, upbeat attitude, and commitment to making a change that have helped him make such a recovery, and we want to celebrate his accomplishments this Veteran’s Day. He is an example of strength and determination for everyone, at any age, who wants to improve their health and fitness.

Please send this fine gentleman a lift with your comments and take a moment to celebrate the heroes in your own life who have taught you how to be stronger, wiser, and better. They deserve your love and gratitude.

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